Lissie at The Independent

Lissie Independent De Mello Images-19

I tweeted out the other night while watching Lissie about how hard it would be to write objectively about the show because of how close she is to realizing a level of reverence that many artists strive for. I saw her at the Independent to a sold out crowd and you know how you go into a show with these super high expectations and it doesn’t live up to them? Yeah this wasn’t one of those times. Lissie was magnificent.

Lissie Independent De Mello Images-31

She was all over the stage like someone that couldn’t stand still. The guitar player (I forgot his name) was unbelievable and even though the meathead in front of me was jumping around during a solo like a girl at a One Direction concert, it was still a sight to behold. She interspersed songs from a brilliant debut, Catching a Tiger, and her latest effort Back to Forever throughout the show.

Lissie Independent De Mello Images-14

The opening act the Sandy’s were a late call as the Kopecky Family Band was stuck in Oregon due to inclement weather. It was actually a miracle that Lissie’s band made it themselves. After hopping a plane from Portland they barely made it to the gig and thankfully it went off without a hitch. Why can’t Lissie become the next Ellie Goulding or a reasonable alternative version of that? I believe she can and after the absolutely electric performance on Saturday I think there is a room full of people, including one meathead who feel the same way.

Lissie Independent De Mello Images-15

What this young ingenue brings is a Joan Jett like ferociousness that is at the forefront of a cavalcade of female musicians ready to break through again like it was the early 80’s all over again. I haven’t seen an audience that captivated since I saw Imagine Dragons at the Indy a couple of years ago. This was a crowd who knew the lyrics to every song and it was multi-generational from the middle aged lady in front of the stage who kept yelling how much she loved Lissie to the girls behind me that asked me if I had any MDMA (I didn’t). It was quite a scene and a phenomenal show.

To see more pictures from the show click here.



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