Preview: Lissie at the Independent

Lissie is one of my favorite artists. Not female artists, not under 40 musicians, just favorite. She’s dynamic, has a fantastic voice and is a fantastic writer. Basically I’m a fucking fanboy for Lissie. Well good news, fellow fanboys and girls, Lissie is coming to our little neck of the woods December 7 at one of the best venues in the city The Independent. Lissie’s new album Back To Forever just came out on October 8. Filter calls her “Sexy…with a voice that could shatter buildings and hearts” on this new record, while Rolling Stone declared her “gifted” and “promising.” She recently opened for Bruce Springsteen and Tom Petty and was a featured artist/speaker at a TED conference. Lissie’s got a powerhouse voice that gets compared to early Fleetwood Mac/Stevie Nicks….but to me she has a tad more fierceness than that. 

On the UK front — Lissie’s new record debuted in Top 10, her single is A listed at BBC Radio 1 and she has an appearance on Jools Holland. In a word, she’s amazing. I am so God Damn excited to see her play and you should be too! PS if you can’t make the Indy show (or even if you can) check her out at Amoeba on Decemeber 7th at 3pm. She’s opened for Bruce, I mean obviously she’s awesome. Be there, kids!


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