Caught A Ghost October 25th – The Independent

There are a lot of artists that get sent my way that I hear about through the internet grapevine and wonder what makes them better than anyone else. When I heard of Caught a Ghost I wondered the same, but then I intended and I knew. There is a soulfulness about this band that you just don’t get anymore. A sound so different than just about everything else out there that you wonder if these dynamic artists are transplanted from the 1960’s.

In the same vein as Fitz and the Tantrums, but for my money a better sound, Caught a Ghost is named after the old blues phrase that meant putting on a great show. That’s a great segue into telling you about their upcoming show October 25th at the Independent in SF is going to be awesome. Come for Caught a Ghost stay for the “headliner” He’s My Brother She’s My Sister. Caught a Ghost has an EP out right now and will be releasing their first full length album sometime in 2014. Seriously, though, get out to see them at the Indy they’re going to make San Francisco dance like only San Francisco can.

Tickets are available at Ticket Fly.


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