Nick Cave Murders Bill Graham

Nick Cave

I must confess that I am not as big a fan of Nick Cave as say my friend, from the San Jose Mercury News, Jim Harrington (check out his work here). Maybe concerts have lost there luster. I like Nick Cave and I enjoyed the show, though I wasn’t enamored by it. I wonder if I’m becoming jaded by the whole rock n’ roll experience. There is very little out there that inspires me anymore. 

I like Nick Cave’s music, I own a few of his albums and I thought he started off well and then it turned into a horrific mess. He was great, but the crowd was a mess and really ruined the show for me. “Red Right Hand” was my favorite part of the show. I knowI’m not dark enough to enjoy all of Nick Cave’s music and the immense performance time put into this show, but there were moments that I liked. There was a children’s choir, an orchestra, The Bad Seeds, a conductor and Cave in the middle of all of it. To say he’s a bad performer is preposterous. He roamed the stage like a lion on the prowl, but it simply wasn’t for me. I liked it for about the first 15 minutes and then I sort of got more interested in the drunkards crying next to me. I guess it’s all about what you put into it. 

This isn’t an indictment on Cave as the half full Bill Graham Civic seemed to very much enjoy much of his histrionics. Unfortunately, they were the reason I didn’t enjoy as much of the show as I would’ve liked. The sheer masses of drunkards far outnumbered the sober normal concert goer and it was truly surprising to see the age of many of the women who were bombed out of their heads in not the best part of town. There were men holding women who were so obliterated that they couldn’t stand and these were women in their mid to late 40’s. When does a person say enough is enough and simply grow the fuck up? 

It’s a shame too, because I was excited about attending and I brushed up on my Nick Cave discography, trying to cram as many songs as I could into my head and it just didn’t take. The Murder Ballads album is still my favorite and still his best, in my opinion. Everything else is just sort of there and if that puts me in the minority then I accept that. That being said it wasn’t a wasted night, I got to break bread with my main man Jim and hung in one of the best venues in the city. San Francisco, for all its filth, is one of the most charming cities in the U.S. and I absolutely adore it. Why would anyone want to live anywhere else (aside from NY)?


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