Album Review: Polica – Give You the Ghost

by Amanda Danielle


I know it’s been a little over a year since Polica put out their debut album, Give You The Ghost, but there’s been some buzz surrounding them after they performed at SXSW and they are currently touring. Therefore, let’s discuss. Also keep in mind I was instructed to be honest, so you can thank Matt De Mello for this one.

On paper, Polica appears to be right up my alley. After doing a bit of research before actually delving into the music, I got increasingly excited at words like “indie rock with an electronic and R&B sound.” When Justin Vernon (formerly of Bon Iver) is quoted saying “They’re the best band I’ve ever heard,” I expect a certain level of talent. Bon Iver’s Mike Noyce lends his vocals to two tracks on the album as well. Things are still seemingly promising. Then Rolling Stone boldly stated in their album review that front woman Channy Leaneagh’s “focused, tender voice cascades over dense fields of minor key electronics, backed by funked-up bass and a swarm of percussion. It’s the sound of heartbreak and celebration happening simultaneously.” Sounds absolutely heavenly, am I right? Nothing could be further from the truth and to be quite honest, I feel like I’m in the twilight zone.

After three consecutive listens, I am absolutely stunned at all the positive affirmation surrounding this band. It’s not audio terrorism, but it’s not special or even good. The vocals are consistently and overly auto-tuned. The music is lackluster, not to mention every single track sounds the same. The lyrics are inaudible and after everything aforementioned, you’re not straining to hear them anyway. I’m uncertain as to whether this is a classic case of ignorant music consumers being persuaded by big name supporters, or I really am just simply missing something. Being that it’s my job to be open minded and not miss things, I’m going to go ahead and say, it’s not me.

By all means, do not take my word for it, have a listen for yourself and feel free to tell me I’m delusional, but if you can’t tell the songs apart either, then we’re on the same team. If I had to pick out a track I disliked least, it would have to be “Happy Be Fine”, but even then it’s nothing to get excited about. They’re on tour now if you’re a masochist and find dull uninspired rock enjoyable. Although, Night Moves will also be on the ticket for their April dates, so there’s your silver lining. Till next time… be well and be smart in what you decide to listen to kids. xx

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