Album Review: Wyldlife – The Time Has Come to Rock N’ Roll

by Matt De Mello

So yesterday I wrote about how a new band you hadn’t, but now have, heard of, So Cal Tennis Pros, were good but raw and needed to put the time in to become the band they had the potential to be. They’re new to the scene so they get a huge pass. Not so new to the scene is Wyldlife, but they’re a different kind of punk anyway. Hearkening back to the 70’s and 80’s glam rock, early punk boozin’, partying, fuck anything that walks mentality, Wyldlife is certainly living up to their name.

They aren’t letting the music suffer, however, and their sophomore album, the apropos titled The Time Has Come to Rock N’ Roll is a punk rock masterpiece. It is a brilliantly crafted master work of punk goodness. It thunders like a cold night at CBGB’s in ’78. These are the kids that would say fuck you to the Studio 54 crowd and go to the dive bar and get smashed. This is the live fast, die hard, and party in between band that signified the rise of hair metal in the 80‘s and grunge in the 90’s.

Today everything is so corporatized, so fractured. Nobody wants to talk about partying, being a rock star or saying, “fuck all, we’re gonna party until the party ends.” Now, it’s all about getting endorsements and signing up with Mountain Dew or Bing. What happened to just making three minute anthems that make you want to break shit? Wyldlife is bringing those days back. The album has songs like “Saturday Night” that talk about forgetting where you come from with lines like, “You used to live by the do or die, you traded it in for the suit and tie.” It talks about those days when we rebelled against the status quo, when we truly did live everyday like it was a Saturday night.

Instead the friend in the song has become domesticated and his old friends are ashamed to see what their friend has become. This is something I can get behind. I know those days. I’ve been on both sides of that where I worked the fancy, well-paying job, high stress, nice paycheck, but no happiness. Then I found the light and went back to a time when I didn’t all those ancillary things. Money should be a means to an end and not the goal.

Money gets you the things you want and that’s what Wyldlife is saying. Changing who you are for the almighty dollar doesn’t make you a better person it makes a shilling whore for the man. Happiness and having a good time while being a productive member of this weird societal thing we have is the most important contribution one can make. This band should not only be on your radar it should be on your Ipod, your turntable and your musical brain chip. They are amazing and a throwback to a future past. 


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