10 Questions With Night Moves

by Matt De Mello

Our intrepid young writer Amanda Danielle wrote about Night Moves’ recent gig at the Fonda in LA on Monday and really dug them. I’ve enjoyed their music for a while myself so when given the opportunity to ask them a few questions I jumped at it. Here’s the interview:

Matt De Mello – What made you guys decide to start making music together?

Night Moves –We’ve known each other for a long time and music has always been a more appealing option to us then joining the baseball team or doing track and field. It just kinda happened that our mutual interests aligned in the manor that they did. 

MD – Spin said, “cosmically expansive and yet twangily intimate” about your music and the New Yorker said, “The four-piece plays countrified rock with a freak-folk vocal style, and their organ and string arrangements spin their songs into mini-epics.” How do you describe your music? 

Night Moves – Cream soaked balladry, with a little bit of plastic and a little bit of wood.

MD  – What is your writing style (when the moment strikes, set aside time, computer, with a guitar, etc)? Do you write alone or with the band as a whole?

Night Moves – Alone with a computer and in small groups.

MD – Top 5 musicians/bands to come out of Minnesota of all time and go:

Night Moves – Prince, Bob Dylan, Judy Garland, Mint Condition, Bernie Leadon

MD – What is the greatest moment of your musical life? 

Night Moves – Getting a record contract and then later holding a copy of the record. Or hearing one of our songs on the radio for the first time.

MD – Has being a rock star lived up the conceptions you had of it as kids?

Night Moves – No, we don’t even feel like rock stars.

MD – Do you prefer touring to recording?

Night Moves – They both have there pros and cons. You need both to make the other work well.

MD – You’re going from touring with Brits to touring with fellow Minnesotans. How will that change the vibe and will the partying become more insane?

Night Moves – I don’t think there will be any difference. We can get along with anyone and have a good time.

MD – When do you begin recording your next album?

Night Moves – Summertime

MD – What is the level of fame you would like to attain as a band?

Night Moves – The idea of not having a day job sounds amazing or getting a shoe sponsorship and a skateboard sponsorship.


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