Preview: Royal Canoe at Bottom of the Hill 3/28

by Matt De Mello

Royal Canoe

Canadian band Royal Canoe is gracing us with their presence on Thursday at Bottom of the Hill with Fol Chen. In 2012, Royal Canoe released two EPs (Purple & Gold, Extended Play) which both received critical acclaim. They refer to themselves as, “a band, armed with falsettos, guitars, effects pedals, drums, basses, tambourines, shakers and a six-keyboard super-weapon. Royal Canoe play lyrically sharp pop songs that move people and make people move.” 

And move they do, with that heavy percussion sound and the experimental style vocals, 2013 will be the year that puts Royal Canoe on the map. The band is Matt Peters (vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar), Bucky Driedger (electric guitar, vocals), Matt Schellenberg (keyboards, vocals), Brendan Berg (bass, keyboard, vocals), Derek Allard (drum kit), Michael Jordan (electronic drums). Their sound is thick with catchiness, rich in rhythm and are consistently pushing against the boundaries of pop music.


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