Preview: T.V. Mike and The Scarecrowes

by Matt De Mello


With a sound reminiscent of Wilco, Jerry Garcia and a splash of Gram Parsons, T.V. Mike and the Scarecrowes out of Bloomington, Indiana by way of West Oakland (yay yay) are making waves in this tiny microclimate part of SF. Something you will never get on this blog, website, diary of a mad black woman is inauthentic material. We are committed (or should be – BING!) to bringing you the best music whether it be popular or under the radar. This band, T.V. Mike and the Scarecrowes is a weird name, but a great sound. 

Lucky enough for you Bay Areaers, Bay Areaites, Bay Areaphiles (yikes!) they’ll be bringing that great sound to us! First in just two days (that’s Saturday March 23rd for the Math challenged) at the Starry Plough in Berzerkley and April 5th at the Hemlock in SF. I’m going to do you a huge favor here. I’m going to post a couple of their songs. This is a band I want you to know very much. Not just because I think they’re really good (most important reason), but because in this day and age with a million bands trying to sell you their swag there is rarely a band that has such a cool authentic sound. You will be glad you listened to them. Maybe they’ll make your life just a little bit better. 

Check out TV Mike and the Scarecrowes on Facebook. We’ll have a review of their new album soon. 


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