Ten Questions with Mowglis

by Matt De Mello


The Mowgli’s are a throwback to a bygone era when people made music to share and embrace love. They describe themselves as California soul and all about feeling good energy and love. Think the Mama’s and the Papa’s mixed with Grouplove and that’s what to expect out of this group of eight from San Fernando Valley. Things are happening for the Mowgli’s. They’re playing Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen this week on Bravo and they’re going to be playing a few shows at the annual SXSW festival in Austin, Texas as well. They are intellectuals in a time where intellectualism is not necessarily looked upon kindly by a fractured populace. They are at heart creators, artists and a codified unit, a family if you will. The love and faith in one another shows up in every single performance and is the reason their star is ascending. 

Matt De Mello – You describe yourself as Rock N’ Roll with California Soul. Describe California Soul to me:

Colin – I think the obvious and romanticized “California vibe” is one of freedom, sunlight and love. I’m happy to say we subscribe heavily to that. There is something about the California sun that fills you with an amazing energy that I’ve never experienced anywhere else in the world. Some people say we capture that in our music, and I’ll take it.

MD – You recently asked on your Facebook Page “what challenges are you working on? So I’ll turn the question towards you: what challenges are YOU working on?

Matt – As a band we are striving to spread our message and because of each person we meet on the road or via the internet we are constantly conquering that challenge.  We have made the promise to always keep our word and by doing that we must create a form of love that everyone can enjoy, which we hope everyone can hear in our music.  Knowing that a crowded venue is feeling our love will ultimately make them want to spread love.  

MD – You wrote a song about “San Francisco”, what is it about this city that made you want to write about it? Good or bad. 

ColinMichael and I took a trip there and literally fell in love with everything happening around us. A massive movement for love occurred there, and the ghost of it still exists. The song was written from a place of pure love, not only for San Francisco… but for each other and the past and present world. 

MD – Coffee or tea? Why?

Colin Coffee, although I’m already afflicted with intense attention deficit disorder. I probably shouldn’t drink it to be honest.

MD – Pie or Cake? Why?

Colin – Matt says cake, Dave says pie, and now they’re fighting about it… so thanks for that. 

MD – Eight people is a lot to have in a band, is the music as vibrant and filled with energy as when you first started or are there times when the sheer size of your band causes issues within the group?

Colin – I find that the music increases in energy exponentially with each song we write. The more we see it affecting people, the more it drives us to see how far we can push it. 

MD – You’re doing something for the Watch What Happens live show with Andy Cohen this week on Bravo. Tell me about how that opportunity came about and how fast it took to say yes.  

Colin  I feel like we said yes pretty fast. I’m actually on-set right now and we have one episode left to tape. It’s been an unreal experience to be honest, unlike any other of the late night show we have done thus far. As far as I know, someone from the show or just our label asked if we’d do it. I’m so glad we did.

MD – If you weren’t making music what would you be doing instead?

Colin – I started all of this as a writer, before I even got into music. I then found that this was a really interesting medium in which to get my words out there. If my career ended today, which it very well might…I hope I could write a book about something. 

MD – Do you enjoy the process of recording an album or is it just a means to an end to get out on the road?

Colin – I love making records, but I don’t love recording. It’s totally personal, but I just tend to over think things in the studio. Music is love, and love is instinctual. 

MD – Your band’s star is definitely ascending what with Bravo, Jimmy Kimmel Live and SXSW what level of fame would like to attain and is there a level that is too high?

 Colin – I’d like to have a voice that is loud enough to tell the entire planet that everything is going to be alright. I want arms long enough to help. If that’s fame, bring it on baby. 

If you’re heading out to SXSW and want to see where the Mowglis are playing check here.  If you like the Mowglis buy their music here


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