Preview: Atlas Genius & Imagine Dragons at The Warfield 3/16

by Matt De Mello

Atlas Genius may not be on your radar yet, but they should be. Having just heard their debut album When It Was Now I can attest to their magnificence. They hail from Adelaide, South Australia, Australia and they are part of an emerging wave of fantastic artists from the Southern Hemisphere. This group in particular has a sound that is both reminiscent of that brilliant ‘80’s sound that many of us love and I grew up on and the oh so modern electronic beats that are weaving their way into many new groups consciousness.

The band consists of vocalist and guitarist Keith Jeffery, his brothers Michael on drums and Steven on bass and Darren Sell on keyboards. Signed to Warner Bros. is huge for a band that had yet to release a full sized album and yet it fits into the narrative of how talented this band is and where they’re destined to end up. Such was the case a year ago when we mentioned Imagine Dragons as being the up and comer and now coming to San Francisco this Saturday is Atlas Genius opening for Imagine Dragons at the Warfield.

While they have different sounds the comparison is appropriate because there was a general consensus and recognition that Imagine Dragons were merely biding their time when they played the Independent last year and that same consensus and recognition is there with Atlas Genius a band that will be creating a buzz this time around and making headlines the next. If you can still get tickets to this show at the Warfield on Saturday make sure you do. You will be glad you did.

For more information on this phenomenal band check out their Facebook Page


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