Music News: Josh Ritter in a Van w/ Rainn Wilson, Sound City Players, Paws

Craziness abounds this San Francisco abode of mine as a pipe burst in between our upstairs neighbor our next door neighbor and us. Shit got real when we were throwing seven buckets down to catch all the water falling from the ceiling. The records were in serious danger of becoming warped from water, but the girlfriend and I sprung into action and saved them all. Thank goodness for small miracles and a girlfriend quick on her toes (in boots no less). Anyway, here is the news:

  • The sibling trio known as The Band Perry has a platinum hit, “Better Dig Two” before their album Pioneer is even released. PS if you are interested in that album it’ll be out April 2nd. 
  • Citi® Private Pass® will present a special performance by the SOUND CITY PLAYERS at Stubb’s in Austin, Texas on March 14, 2013. The show will feature Foo Fighters front man, Dave Grohl, and a lineup of artists who contributed to the SOUND CITY PLAYERS’ album SOUND CITY: REAL TO REEL, which will be released on March 12, 2013.  The band Meat Puppets will take the stage to kick off the night.
  • Scottish rock band Paws start their US tour today in Brooklyn (of course) at Glasslands. They also released a three song EP they’re only selling on tour, but they left a copy up on Soundcloud for us to listen to and we have that for you here is you’re so inclined to listen to good music: 

  • The Shout Out Out Out Out are playing a gig at Thee Parkside on Wednesday in San Francsico and yours truly will be covering it. Here’s their latest track: 

  • The Savannah Stopover Festival starts Thursday in Georgia. Created in 2011 Savannah Stopover is a three-day music festival that takes place the weekend prior to SXSW in Savannah’s famed historic district. Dates for the 2013 Festival are March 7th – March 9th. Visit the official Savannah Stopover site for all the details.
  • Lastly here’s Josh Ritter playing with The Office’s Rainn Wilson in the back of a van: 


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