After 5 Years The Hush Sound Wow LA’s Troubadour

by Amanda Danielle


Sunday night was a special one at The Troubadour in Los Angeles. After the years of deprivation rendered us all but hopeless, we finally got our Hush Sound fix. Before I get ahead of myself, first thing’s first. I don’t tend to comment much on openers (mainly because I’m either disinterested or late or both) but The Last Royals were fantastic. I’m so very glad I was prompt enough to catch the entirety of this experience and am also re-humbled into playing closer attention to what goes on before the anticipated headliners.  

So about the anticipated headliner. Whoa. Selling out the Troubadour after being on hiatus for years on end is one way to be welcomed back. They started their set with “We Intertwined” and it was as if they’d never left. Although space was obviously tight, we all started dancing simultaneously belting out the lyrics that have been swimming in our heads for the past, oh say… seven years.  It was powerful and the rapport between artist and concert goer was strong. Something else that felt unique was the connection between all the attendees. Almost as if we were all old friends that had been brought back together by our high school reunion and our collective favorite band was playing.


The banter between songs created a vibe like we were all just hanging out.  Bob mentioned our beloved Los Angeles Lakers (who narrowly beat the Hawks by a point last night, but I’ll leave those rants for Twitter until I start some sort of sports blog or something) and decided to comment how nobody likes Mike D’Antoni. (Editor’s note: This site is at a crossroads now as I a die hard Celtics fan have brought a Lakers fan on board to write for me. So, understand the faith I have in this young ingenue to represent such an abhorrent franchise as the Los Angeles Lakers on this blog. Rant over, now back to your regularly scheduled review)  Which is a fact. Greta chimed in and playfully asked who Coach Tony Danza was, to which Bob replied, “I think that’s the Clipper’s coach.”

Who knew they were so charming and actually hilarious? After a few more songs, (including “Sweet Tangerine”. Oh and none of you bought me a beer, whatever) Greta asked us, “What’ve you guys been doing for the past five years? We’ve been waiting for you. We’re like your summer camp girlfriend… All grown up.” Perfect analogy considering the nostalgia we were all feeling mixed with the excitement of hearing their new records for the first time.


So after I’ve stated the painfully obvious regarding Greta, Bob, Darren, and Chris being sensational as always, there was a new addition on stage on keyboard and he was introduced to us as Lucas Carpenter. I’d taken notice to him early in the show for a few reasons. One, I didn’t recognize him, two, his energy was awesome, and three he was insanely talented. I caught up with him after the show and he explained he’d known Darren and was invited to go on tour with The Hush Sound as well as play SXSW with the band. He’s not new to the music scene and has some amazing solo stuff out that you’d be remiss to not check in on.

Overall, the night was fantastic and I’m very grateful I was able to be there. I don’t have a single complaint, and for those of you that were there with me, thanks for adding to the experience with your energy.  Also, a huge shout out to Bob’s Broloha Vans hat he rocked last night because it’s awesome. What is cooler than a black snapback cap with a bunch of hula dancers on it? Nothing. Catch them at The Glass House in Pomona on March 9th if you didn’t make it last night. It’s really not that far and I can personally guarantee it’ll be well worth it. 

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