Preview: Alpine At The Bootleg Theater Tuesday Night

by Amanda Danielle


This synthy indie pop group hails from Melbourne, Australia and is somewhat new to the scene over here in the states, yet pretty damn established in their native country. This six man band puts out fun, feel good, colorful records accompanied by the breathy vocals from the leads Phoebe and Lou. The women are complimented by Christian (guitar), Tim (keyboards), Phil (drums), and Ryan (bass) and have toured with the likes of Sia, The Naked and Famous and Sparkadia to name a few. I came across them a little over a year ago while researching a band that apparently has an interchangeable name, and it was most likely fate since I fell in love with the Aussie music makers on the spot.

I became totally infatuated with their single “Hands” from the debut EP Zurich. The not-so-subtly-sexy record also has a video with scantily clad women rolling around and putting shoes in their mouths and generally just admiring their own gorgeousness in mirrors. It’s muted colors and artsy approach makes you feel less guilty about hitting the repeat button instantly. Something I find noteworthy about this group is their ability to be versatile while maintaining an undeniably specific sound. It’s signature yet each record is different from the last. If forced to define it I’d go with smart, whimsical, euphoric, uptempo pop.

If you’re in LA, they’re performing at Bardot this evening and The Bootleg Theatre tomorrow (sorry for the late notice, but what are you so busy doing on a Monday and Tuesday anyway). I’d suggest you take advantage of the opportunity. Tracks to watch out for: “Too Close”, “Villages”, “Hands” and “Gasoline”. They’ll be releasing their USA debut album A is For Alpine (it’s already available in Australia and New ZealandMay 21 on Votiv Records and I’m sure I’ll be screaming it from rooftops to remind you all. Cheers xx

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