Preview: Assembly of Dust At The Independent 3/7

by Matt De Mello


Sounding like a cross between the Allman Brothers and The Band, Assembly of Dust has crafted an Americana sound that is so reminiscent and yet wholly original. Those hints of other bands are almost homages to a time when Americana was changing from Woody Guthrie and Hank Williams to electric guitars and good ole boy rhythms. Assembly of Dust is on a mission to change it even further. Straying away, ever so slightly, from today’s pop country debacle they are making music that is geared towards people who want their music authentic, pure and driven.

There is an authenticity to their sound like there was with Gregg, Duane and Dickey or Richard, Rick, Levon and Robbie. On their recently released Sun Shot, their fourth album, they have found their stride as a band that can craft catchy tunes with meaningful lyrics, not an easy task. They are out of New York and yet sound so out of Alabama that it’s eerie. The new album, funded by an ambitious Kickstarter campaign that netted them upwards of $30,000, has provided them with an extra incentive to make the album they wanted to make.

In celebration of this release and in the spirit of appreciation to their loyal fan base, the band has created a custom App that will allow fans to purchase the album or help spread the word about Assembly of Dust by sharing the new album App via Facebook and Twitter. Once shared the app is unlocked and the full album is completely free! The band has set a goal of delivering 50,000 free downloads in its first 50 days. Get the app hereCheck out the album and let us know how much you like it and if you’re interested in seeing a great band then check them out March 7th at The Independent in San Francisco or one of these other dates:

03.08 | Portland, OR | Mississippi Studios
03.09 | Seattle, WA | Tractor Tavern
04.12 | New York, NY | The Bowery Ballroom
04.13 | Syracuse, NY | The Westcott Theater

Just be smart and check them out and if you happen to see me next week at the Indy show buy me a beer and say hi. 

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