Preview: The Hush Sound At The Troubadour March 3rd

by Amanda Danielle


As you get to know me, you’ll notice I have a thing for anything nostalgic. Especially stuff that brings me back to when I was around 17 or 18 and thought no one had it as hard as I did. Yay, teen angst! I identified with the whole Hawthorne Heights self harm movement that music was leaning towards and I had a The Used poster in my dorm room.  Now that we’ve established all that, when I stumbled upon The Hush Sound, in 2005, I was totally and oddly smitten. The upbeat tempo and gorgeous vocals were enough to capture my attention, but the lyrics were smarter than the average indie pop rock band, full of emotion, yet the perfect amount of darkness. The song writing is poetic complete with punchy solid chorus’. You find yourself not only singing along but also thinking you can hit them high notes alongside Greta and Bob.

The band was formed in DuPage County, Illinois around 2005 by Greta Salpeter and Bob Morris when they were quite young. Once establishing a connection, they added bassist Chris Faller and drummer Darren Wilson.  Their freshman album, appropriately titled So Sudden, due to the pace at which everything was coming together, must’ve solidified what the band already knew they were on their way. The four of them soon caught the attention of Ryan Ross who was with Panic At The Disco at that time. This, by the way, blew my mind because I’ve ALWAYS thought PATD and The Hush Sound vocalist Bob Morris bear a striking resemblance, although Bob’s sound has a much more polished and mature sound in my opinion (sorry Brendan Urie). Ross contacted Pete Wentz who was impressed and offered them on a spot on Decaydance Records.

The next album and my personal favorite, Like Vines, was recorded in 2006 in a short three weeks and was co-produced by none other than Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy, which seemed to really compliment that record. In 2008, the group released Goodbye Blues, containing a few records played in TV slots (Grey’s Anatomy and House) and commercials. It became very clear with this studio album they had found their sound and had matured together and individually.  In 2009 they decided to take a little hiatus and by little I mean until 2012.  Imagine my hysterics when my Song Kick application notified me they were coming to LA for an intimate show. Their much anticipated new album is scheduled to release in 2013 and I cannot wait. I’ll be at The Troubadour to check them out this Sunday, March 3rd  and if you’re around definitely come out.  I promise I won’t get emotional. Unless they play “Sweet Tangerine” in which case I’m going to need you to pass me a tissue and buy me a beer.

Cheers xx

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