A House For Lions Reign Over The Echoplex Jungle

by Amanda Danielle 


I’ve been anxious and excited to see A House For Lions (AHFL) for the past few weeks, as any of you who follow me on Twitter (@amandadanie), know. After running down the stairs of The Echo to the Echoplex and grabbing a Red Stripe, I began looking for the boys who were gracious enough to let me snag a few minutes of their time before taking the stage.  I was able to get a feel for who they are and how they came to be a unit. As if it wasn’t obvious by their music, (and limited but fun online presence), they are as lovely and down to earth as I’d hoped. It’s always refreshing to find out the people behind great music are equally as humble. I absolutely adore how individual the four of them are and yet their ability to layer their respective talents is unparalleled. [editor’s note: Amanda’s interview with A House For Lions will be up Wednesday in its entirety].

image (1)

The Echoplex is a tough stage to make your own, but the simplicity of AHFL graphics and the effortlessly cool and natural style of the band members was all it took. It was hard not to fixate on anything but them. The second they took the stage, their rapport with the crowd was intrinsic. It felt intimate like we were all experiencing something special.

photo (7)

There was a calm before the storm vibe that this free show thing had definitely run its course and this may be the last time A House For Lions and intimate are used together for a long while. These guys do it for the passion and love of creating gorgeous, brilliant records, and are also headed for big time recognition which is not only well deserved, but overdue. 

image (4)

Labeling a band to a specific genre has always been a tough one for me. I think it’s confining, limiting, and unfair. Not in a hipster-I-live-in-Silverlake way, but out of pure respect. The eclectic mixture of paralyzing lyrics, experimental rock, dash of country, perfect bass line, violin symphony, topped off with raw resounding vocals made for one epic show. Striking. Oh and please note that Dianna Argon hopped up along side these talented men and belted out a great cover of  Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got To Do With It” and Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams”. That was just the icing on the cake to an awesome session. Cons of this experience? I caught them on the last night of their residency and am kicking myself over it. Also, I forgot to grab a t-shirt from the merch table (so good).  Rawr. Growl. Jungle sounds. Cheers.  

image (2)


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