Preview: A House For Lions Residency at the Echoplex in LA

by Amanda Danielle


Growing up in Los Angeles, I’ve been exposed to tons of seemingly great bands that I’ve enjoyed and subsequently never heard of again. I was well aware 99 percent of them would never “blow up” and be molded into some contrived major label driven cookie cutter musical group (gross). Being a product of my LA environment, I’ve been rather uninspired to delve into anything new and had writers block for months with all the generic and repetitive garbage floating around the music scene. That being said, when I first got handed this project on A House for Lions, I listened to half a song, “Evolution Calls”, and instantly knew they were worlds apart from any other band I’d heard. Their sound is unique and all-consuming and their lyrics are gorgeous.

I wanted to use the word catchy, but for the love of everything unholy, Britney Spears can be catchy, so I won’t insult them with such a vapid term. What they are is unforgettable. I can hear a record I might dig yet instantly forget the lyrics, song titles and, dare I say, the band’s name. I can honestly say I know their lyrics, their names, their records, and will not be struck with forgetfulness when it comes to these guys. After reading up on their history and who they’ve had the opportunity to create with, it all makes sense.  Producers Raymond Richards and Tom Biller!? Match made in heaven with AHFL.

Another endearing quality about them, their quirky and charming way of raising money to create their first album. Their fans can invest with them and receive tiered perks along with their donations. I wish I could give them my life savings so they’d be contractually obligated to make music for me forever.  I can’t wait to see them live this upcoming Monday, the last night of their residency at the Echoplex, and am extremely stoked to write you up a live review, I’m sure they will exceed every expectation. Check them NOW before you’re forced to label yourself a bandwagoner. Nobody likes a bandwagoner (Clipper fans, cough).

A House For Lions are finishing up their February residency at the Echoplex in Los Angeles Monday night. It’s a free show so if you can get out there you have no excuse not to.  Details are on their Facebook page. 


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