News: John Vanderslice, Kickstarter, The Mary Onettes, Young Galaxy, The 1975

Hey kids we’re getting into concert season and shit’s about to get cray as the kids say. If you get a chance check out our series of Bonnaroo posts talking about some of the headliners, the mid-level bands and some of the lesser known acts. The headliners are already up, the mid-level bands will be up later today and the lesser known acts will be up tomorrow. We’re gonna try to cover many of the fests coming up with some of this coverage. We also have something very special coming up in march in regards to this, so stay tuned. On this date in music history Fleetwood Mac released Rumours. The album went on to sell more than 15 million copies world-wide and spent 31 weeks at No.1 on the US chart.

  • John Vanderslice has taken to Kickstarter to finance his latest album. I’m actually starting to come around on this. I still have major reservations about not being guaranteed an album by a certain date or any date for that matter. Basically it comes down to how much are you willing to press the issue? If the artist doesn’t come through Kickstarter has stated that they have no mechanism to pursue action against the artist. It’s really my only reservation now, I have evolved on the subject. In the end it comes down to how willing someone is to give their money for a product without a guarantee that it will be finished. What if they underestimated the cost even though they hit their goal? What then? Is a class action lawsuit in order if you gave $5 or is it a wash? I don’t know and I feel these are legitimate concerns that Kickstarter has yet to fully address. 
  • The Mary Onettes have a new album coming out March 12th. This is in the press release, “Hit the Waves was produced by Dan Lissvik (Studio, The Embassy, Young Galaxy etc.). This is the first time The Mary Onettes works with an outside producer and the process has been everything but smooth. Conflicts and artistic differences have created a dynamic and hypnotic blend.” When the press release is saying there were conflicts and artistic differences you can’t help but wonder is this band on a path towards just killing each other on tour or were they better when they produced their own albums? I love the new song so it might be the former. We’ll see. 

  • Young Galaxy have released their second single “Fall for You” from their upcoming LP Ultramarine. This is their fourth album and I’m expecting big things out of this one.
  • It’s been three years since The 1975 released an album, but they have been releasing a series of EPs and come March 5th you can expect another as they’re gonna treat us to their latest effort. Yeah it’s small, but we’ll take what we can get. Check out this new video for the song “Chocolate”:


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