Ellie Goulding Keeps Calm and Halcyon’s the Palladium

by Amanda Danielle

photo (4)

Let’s start with Twitter, shall we? As an Ellie fanatic, I follow the unicorn fairy on this particular social network. She decided to playfully tweet and hint at us on Sunday that she jumped in the ocean and contracted a cold. Obviously, I had a mild panic attack but reassured myself that she’d be 100% by the last show of her tour at The Palladium. We arrived promptly and started to assess the masses which ranged from 13 year old teeny boppers to 50 something angry lesbians. After being forced to throw out my gum and cigarettes and basically being cavity searched, we were in and the anticipation began to build.

For those of you who haven’t yet been, The Palladium is a beautiful legendary venue in Los Angeles, if you’re into 80’s conference rooms complete with chandeliers, which I totally am.  I grabbed a whiskey and ran upstairs to hold down a good view point and wait. The opener, St. Lucia, didn’t get the crowd too riled up but after about 30 minutes they called Ellie onstage and people did everything but faint. She didn’t speak, just gently cooed the beginning to “Don’t Say A Word”. Then we all basically fainted. Unfortunately, for us (or the concert goers near us), the VIP folk don’t like to loudly sing along, yet we couldn’t help ourselves. This show was happiness personified.

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Although she didn’t quite hit the high notes as recorded, due to that little February swim in the Pacific Ocean, her energy was high and the crowd was riveted. The only thing I cringed at was hearing Tinie Tempah’s God awful verse on “Hanging On”. Everything else was flawless down to her adorable dance moves. The set list was absolutely perfect and built up her finale. Like a lot of down to earth, non-narcissistic artists, she didn’t have an encore, just politely let us know this would be her last song and went out with a bang to “Starry Eyed”. This show confirms what Matty D and I have said for the past few months. Halcyon was our album of the year choice and Ms. Goulding is a rock star. Please do check her out if you’re ever in the right town at the right time and make sure to purchase her album if you haven’t done so 3 times already. Till next time. Cheers.


Don’t Say a Word


Figure 8


Hanging On ft Tinie Tempah



Guns n Horses

I Know You Care

Your Song

My Blood

Only You

Under The Sheets

Anything Could Happen


Without Your Love

Starry Eyed

*I would like to welcome our new LA correspondent, Amanda Danielle into the fold at The De Mello Theory. I’ve been a long time fan of her writing and am really excited to have her on board. As you have just read she is not only brilliantly witty, but a real talent in the world of journalism. I sincerely hope that The De Mello Theory is merely a stepping stone on the way to future writing endeavors for Ms. Danielle. However, what ever route she chooses to take I’m sure she will be extremely successful. Welcome Amanda! You can follow Amanda on Twitter @AmandaDanie


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