Music News: Postal Service, Gold Fields, Elephants, Kisses


Let’s just get to it today, kids:

  • The Postal Service, Ben Gibbard’s special side project has released their headlining tour dates. If you’re a fan you’ll want to check it out here. Tickets are going on sale soon.
  • Thao and the Get Down have a new album out and it’s streaming over at NPR. Check it out!
  • “Happy Boy” is the new track by Gold Fields and it has a distinct Roxy Music kind of feel to it. It’s heavy on the bass and percussion with muddled vocals that I usually hate, but I like the effect here:
  • Vans and Metallica are teaming up to put out a Metallica signature shoe. You can check them out here.
  • Elephant from London, a new band that I’m currently in love with, has debuted a new track on Soundcloud that I’m totally digging. They call themselves Nocturnal Lo-Fi Bedroom Dreamy Beach Pop and I’m inclined to agree. So good! Check it out:
  • Vicky Cryer featuring Jason Hill (frontman of Louis XIV) plus friends in Muse, The Killers, Mars Volta, Jamiroquai and Julian Casablancas announced they’ll be releasing their debut album The Synthetic Love Of Emotional Engineering April 16 on Fancy Animal Records.
  • “The Hardest Part” is the first single from Kids in LA, Kisses second LP. The album was co-produced by Pete Wiggs and Tim Larcombe. The song has a very 1980’s Beverly Hills Cop/Miami Vice type of feel. So obviously I love the shit  out of it. Kids in LA comes out May 13. I’m honestly not sure I can wait that long. This song is fucking brilliant on every level. Great music, lyrics, beat…you can dance, work out, mellow out to it. The perfect song! Wow!

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