Music News: Coachella, Phosphorescent, Frank Black, Companions


Some music news from a lot of up and coming bands this week. A few concert announcements and the Coachella lineup. 

  • Yes Coachella finally announced their lineup and the loss of the Rolling Stones or at least the assumed loss of the Stones really hurts this lineup. Hearing that the negotiations for The Red Hot Chili Peppers went down to the wire does not give me solace. What that means to me is that the folks over at Goldenvoice were scurrying to find someone to replace the Stones who they didn’t want to or couldn’t afford to pay. So all those clues with the stone in the field were just to get pre-sale tickets up? I think at some point there was the thought that it was a done deal and then either the Stones backed out because they felt they weren’t ready or Goldenvoice put the numbers together and realized it wouldn’t be worth it unless they raised prices. Either way while the middle of the lineup is spectacular the headliners, the bands that many people shell out the big bucks for, are old hand and really not worth the upwards of $300 you’d send on an entire weekend in the heat of Indio. 
  • If you’re in SF check out SF Weekly’s Fauxchella piece. It’s a great gauge on whether or not those bands you’re gonna spend a weekend trying to see could be seen just as easily in the city. 
  • Frank Black from the Pixies and all around musical icon has released some upcoming tour dates. Check them out here
  • Phosphorescent has released a new track from their upcoming album on Youtube (It’s awesome…big surprise [sarcasm]) and some tour dates here

  • Go to Soundcheck at WNYC to hear Companions, the new project by Pepi Ginsberg, new self-titled album streaming. It comes out February 5th (Next Tuesday) so I should have a review of it sometime this week. 

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