Ten Questions with Rob Garcia of Bleeding Rainbow


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Sorry about the late start today boys and girls, dealing with the tax man is a large time suck, but they’re very nice so in this instance it isn’t a complete waste of time. Onward and upward…I got a chance to interview a band I absolutely love this weekend. More to the point I interviewed Rob Garcia, a bonafide genius and all around great guy. I endorse wholeheartedly anyone that gives up a career in engineering to become a musician and that’s exactly what Mr. Garcia did. It seems to be paying dividends in the short term and I have no doubt it will also in the long run as this band is suddenly on everyone from Pitchfork’s to Rolling Stone’s radar. Watch out! Here is my interview with the brilliant Rob Garcia:

The De Mello Theory – You used to be called Reading Rainbow, was the name changed for legal reasons?

Rob Garcia – Not directly. We knew that it was totally possible for us to get a cease and desist letter from PBS at any time. So if it would have happened immediately after we released a new album that would be really horrible. We were also really sick and tired of all the comments we would get related to the kids TV show. 

The De Mello Theory – The mechanical engineer angle has sort of been beaten into the ground, but is there a part of that decision that is, “fuck it I’m young, I can always go back if this doesn’t work the way I want it to.”?

Rob Garcia – I don’t think I could ever go back. I’m in it too deep to ever turn back on it. “Fuck it” is a major theme of our lives right now. 

The De Mello Theory – What is your dream show (to perform)?

Rob Garcia – Dream show would be us opening for Black Flag (circa 1984), Saccharine Trust (circa 1981), Sonic Youth (circa 1987), and surprise special guest Led Zeppelin (circa 1973). It would be a long show.

The De Mello Theory – What is your favorite era of David Bowie?

Rob Garcia – Fave Bowie era is definitely the Berlin era. Between Low/Heroes and his work with Iggy doing The Idiot/Lust for Life, those are still all incredible albums. What a freak!

The De Mello Theory – Can music both be fun and a serious business for you?

Rob Garcia – Oh absolutely. We all take it very seriously. We are still a pretty small band, so in order to keep us moving forward and make everything work it takes a lot of effort. That being said, playing shows is still one of the rewarding and explorations things ever. We love it.

The De Mello Theory – What is your writing process? (Meaning: do you write alone? Do you write in a coffee shop? Do you only write after breakups with Taylor Swift? etc.)

Rob Garcia – I try to write lyrics when I’m alone and I can concentrate. I also try to keep constantly writing. Inspiration can come from many places, so it’s good to be able to vent it out when the feelings are still hot. Sarah and I write separately and get a bunch of ideas together, then when we’re putting a song together we’ll get together and hash out what works best.

The De Mello Theory – Pie or cake?

Rob Garcia – For me personally, Pecan Pie all the way.

The De Mello Theory – When touring what do you miss the most about home?

Rob Garcia – It’s a tie between my cats and my own bed.

The De Mello Theory – What inspires you to keep creating music day after day?

Rob Garcia – Inspiration comes from many places. But the main reason I make music is that it’s a kind of therapy, it’s an escape from reality. I’ve been in love with music for that very reason since I was 13. I don’t know what that says about me. 

The De Mello Theory – In a perfect world, everything breaks right and in five years you’re…where? (How successful? How renowned? How en vogue?) 

Rob Garcia – In a perfect world, in 5 years I see us releasing a double album and going out on a 13 month long world tour playing stadiums. I’m ready.

Stream Yeah Right here.

Bleeding Rainbow – 2013 Tour Dates
2/11/13 NY, NY – Cake Shop
2/12/13 Brooklyn, NY – Glasslands
2/13/13 Washington, DC – DC9
2/14/13 Philadelphia, PA – Johnny Brendas

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