EP Review: They Might Be Giants – Nanobots EP


It’s very hard for me to believe that They Might Be Giants have been together 20 years (this being their 21st). Their brand of infectious music has been thrilling people for that long and they haven’t gotten stale, haven’t gotten sick of it or haven’t gone all Michael Stipe on us and quit the game yet. That is amazing, and they’re not finished yet. Two Grammies, a television theme song (Malcolm in the Middle), four million records sold, 15 albums including two children’s albums and They Might Be Giants just might be creating their strongest album yet.

We won’t know, for sure, about the album for a couple months yet as it’s being held in the same warehouse that Indiana Jones stuck the Ark, but if the three song EP they released is any indication it is going to be epic. Three song EP’s are generally difficult to review. It’s such a small barometer for any band to be judged on, but in this case it is a bit introspective at their body of work. This EP seems to cull from various high points in their career with the song “Black Ops” that has a whimsical feel, but has a serious undertone to it. “Call You Mom” is a fanciful tune that seems like a cross between their two children’s albums and their earlier work.

The Nanobots EP may or may not be a precursor to the Nanbobots album due March 5th. All three songs may end up on the album, but if this indeed is a stand-alone EP meant to whet the appetite of TMBG fans then consider this mission accomplished. It’s fun and thought provoking at the same time. They Might Be Giants are the band that R.E.M. could’ve been. When Stipe and his cohorts took a turn for the rougher in the mid-90’s they lost a following. While TMBG’s took a break, they have that same wonderful sound they’ve always had with a fresh outlook on what it takes to keep a fan base interested. Kudos to them for making a fantastic EP and here’s hoping the album is just as great.

They Might Be Giants have an app now (!!!) here’s more info on that.

They are touring as well, here are those dates:

2/27 Portland, ME http://bit.ly/TBsd9l
2/28 Burlington VT http://bit.ly/SHGBhj
3/1 Rochester NY http://ticketf.ly/ZD2xPv
3/2 Columbus OH http://bit.ly/Xyucmf
3/3 Cincinatti OH http://tktwb.tw/SHHOFv
3/5 Louisville KY http://bit.ly/UDlfSx
3/6 Nashville TN http://tktwb.tw/TBulxO
3/7 Birmingham AL http://bit.ly/Q8JcFC
3/8 New Orleans LA http://bit.ly/WZr2c0
3/9 Houston TX http://bit.ly/RTiNs9
3/12 Dallas TX http://bit.ly/RRKzqp
3/13 Tulsa OK http://bit.ly/ZgPO5I
3/14 Columbia MO http://ticketf.ly/SQKz7H
3/15 St. Louis MO http://bit.ly/TF2uip
3/16 Chicago, IL http://bit.ly/Ukcj3M
3/17 Cleveland, OH http://tktwb.tw/PPSk0p
3/19 Detroit MI http://tktwb.tw/SZjRMu
3/20 Pittsburgh PA http://tktwb.tw/WZGWTP
3/21 Tarrytown NY http://bit.ly/UkdWP6
3/22 Huntington NY http://bit.ly/RTpRoA
4/3 Boston MA http://bit.ly/SglVwp
4/4 Boston MA http://bit.ly/UkeZhV
4/5 Philadelphia PA http://bit.ly/WZJVvp
4/6 Baltimore MD http://ticketf.ly/VY1I4X
4/7 Richmond VA http://bit.ly/TWfd2H
4/9 Charlottesville VA http://bit.ly/TWfzX4
4/10 Carrboro NC http://bit.ly/RxXhJx
4/11 Charleston SC http://tiny.cc/69hnqw
4/12 Asheville NC http://bit.ly/UyM5AO
4/13 Atlanta GA http://bit.ly/W3XBzs
4/14 Atlanta GA http://bit.ly/TvVEfw

Date will be announced in early February!

5/30 Indianapolis, IN http://ticketf.ly/WJEgUg
5/31 Milwaukee, WI http://bit.ly/ZTq1hx
6/1 Minneapolis, MN http://bit.ly/U4vzW8
6/2 Iowa City, IA http://bit.ly/UosVe5
6/4 Des Moines, IA http://ticketf.ly/U4zUIO
6/5 Omaha, NE http://bit.ly/Xxmlke
6/6 Kansas City, MO http://bit.ly/VaZDAF
6/7 Denver, CO http://bit.ly/Y5TbP4
6/8 Salt Lake City, UT http://bit.ly/10iXQyw
6/9 Boise, ID http://bit.ly/V8EXvG
6/10 Vancouver, BC http://tktwb.tw/13lwIMU
6/12 Seattle, WA http://bit.ly/Y5TgCk
6/13 Portland, OR http://bit.ly/W3K7F8
6/14 San Francisco, CA http://bit.ly/WGUai2
6/15 Anaheim, CA http://bit.ly/V68R3Z
6/16 San Diego, CA http://bit.ly/RTweuZ


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