Music News: Akron/Family, Feeding People, Guided by Voices, Postal Service, They Might be Giants


A lot of things to cover today so let’s get to it:

  • Akron/Family announced the release date for their new album Sub-Verses would be April 30th. Here’s the track listing and an odd statement by Seth Olinsky: 

The album started with visions of large monumental sounds inspired by Heizer and Turrell; American works on a grand scale, monuments, dirty hands and an epic American masculinity. Dust, Stone, Sky, Earth.

These broad, bold strokes would come to pass but not quite as expected.

A Sci Fi aesthetic narrative emerged. Tackling distant pasts and future humanism, the pain and idiocy of our contemporary culture. How to deal with it open heartedly? The boredom, the sadness and speed. The plots within plots of Dune mirrored in many layers of sound. Creating 3D sonic atmospheres that our songs and singers inhabit.

Our story, a story, all stories. Told in verses, in underground language, in sub frequencies. Not audible, only felt, intuited, imagined in some deepest psychic space that you are yet to know. A strange story. Of the future, of yourself. Of everyone. We are all we are, only this and yet we move forward. Along some line to somewhere. And who knows?

  • Feeding People are coming out with their sophomore album Island Universe on February 5th. They’re just finishing up their Monday night residency at the Echo in Silverlake, so if you’re in that area get over there to check them out. Check out a new track from the album here.
  • Guided by Voices are coming out with their fourth album, with the recently reunited group entitled English Little League. It seems this album will be a bit experimental and out there. When it comes to GBVs that’s not a bad thing. Here’s the track listing: 

01 Xeno Pariah
02 Know Me As Heavy
03 Island (She Talks In Rainbows)
04 Trash Can Full Of Nails
05 Send To Celeste (And The Cosmic Athletes)
06 Quiet Game
07 Noble Insect
08 Sir Garlic Breath
09 Crybaby 4-Star Hotel
10 Biographer Seahorse
11 Flunky Minnows
12 Birds
13 The Sudden Death Of Epstein’s Ways
14 Reflections In A Metal Whistle
15 Tacitum Caves
16 A Burning Glass

17 W/ Glass In Foot

  • They Might be Giants have a new EP, Nanobots and a new song called Lost My Mind. Hopefully I’ll have a review of it for you inthe next few days as well as their upcoming album March 5th. Here it is:

  • So the rumors are true and Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello have decided to reassemble Postal Service for ttheir album The Give Up Deluxe 10th Anniversary Edition. It will include the original 10-track album along with 15 bonus tracks (including the 2 brand new songs “Turn Around” and “A Tattered Line of String,” a previously unreleased live recording, and every other official recording the band has ever released–as well as cover versions of Postal Service classics by The Shins and Iron & Wine) and was mastered by Grammy nominated engineers Emily Lazar and Joe Laporte.

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