Album Review: Bleeding Rainbow – Yeah, Right


The De Mello Rating: 4 Stars

There is a certain type of reverence I hold for that 1990’s sound. It’s not the pathetic post-grunge sounds of Godsmack or Fuel or any other of the myriad of shitty bands that had a corporate stamp firmly attached to their foreheads after Kurt Cobain turned his head into a canoe. No, I’m talking about those bands in the early days like the Pixies, The Breeders, Sonic Youth and Hole. That lo-fi sound that eventually became classified as grunge. The White Stripes took that mantle and ran with it in the early to mid-aughts and now we might have a new bearer of the throne.

Bleeding Rainbow formerly Reading Rainbow are a phenomenal lo-fi band with a sound straight out of 1991. They even look like they’re from the early ‘90s. The funny thing is, it all works for them, all of it; the look, the music, the sound, the aura, even the name. When you are considered a lo-fi band there’s a certain stigma that might go along with that. Maybe people think you’re gimmicky or just trying to be another hipster band. Oftentimes, I’d agree with that. In this instance I do not.

Bleeding Rainbow’s upcoming album Yeah Right is a mix of Kim Deal’s brilliant vocal style along with that early full band lo-fi style. One of my complaints, previously, about lo-fi bands is there insistence on muddling the vocals to disastrous effect. However, with this album the vocals are perfectly audible and the music, with its heavily distorted sound, makes a wonderful backdrop to such feminine vocals.

I’ll explain, I’ve alluded to a band I used to listen to called Dancehall Crashers back in the day. The lead singers (they had two) were Karina Deniké Schwarz and Elyse Rogers. They had the most feminine voices, with an edge. It wasn’t like Stevie Nicks or Christie McVie feminine, but just feminine. That’s the only way I could describe it. They were a rocksteady/ska band and I loved them. I saw them play numerous times throughout the ‘90s and they always made me dance like a skanking rude boy.

While Bleeding Rainbow certainly doesn’t make me want to dance they do make me want to listen to their music over and over again. There is a lot packed into the songs, even though they last over four minutes each. Songs like “Losing Touch” show a shoegazer quality to their music and also show a sort of Butthole Surferesque style they possess. In “Drift Away” I got that drugged out feeling I got the first time I heard the Beatles’ “Tomorrow Never Knows” from Revolver. I’m not gonna beat around the bush any longer, I love the shit out of this album. It’s bloody brilliant and if you don’t get it when it drops January 29th you are a foolish, foolish person.


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