Album Review: Fidlar – Self Titled

by Matt De Mello

The De Mello Rating: 4 Stars




Punk rock has evolved, devolved, evolved again, devolved again and is now going through a sort of renaissance. The Japandroids have put it back in the eye of a dismissive public and now Fidlar is here to carry that mantle a step further. Not frther in terms of talent as they are completely different styles of punk. Japandroids remind me a great deal of Iggy Pop and the Stooges with their infectious lyrics and biting rhythms. Fidlar is more like The Clash though, without the reggae influences.

Their upcoming debut album is a reminder of the early days of punk with hard three chord structured anthems and immature, sophomoric lyrics that make the album even more irreverent. Fidlar is appealing to that demographic, that adolescent feeling, disenfranchised youth that either refuses or never did grow up to what society had in store for them. Even their name, Fuck It Dog Life’s a Risk, (FIDLAR) is irreverent and sounds like the title to a Hip-Hop album than the name of a band.

Of all the songs only “Whore” comes in at over three minutes and the rest are like something out of a Descendants album. The only thing missing is an ode to a coffee mug. If you like punk rock you’ll love this album, it has everything punk rock was supposed to be and nothing of the bastardized ‘90’s version. There is even less pop to Fidlar than there is to Japandroids, but I feel fairly confident with these two bands leading the resurgence of a dying genre than I did with Sum 41 and Blink 15 years ago. If Kendrick Lamar can save hip hop from its chasm is it entirely implausible that Fidlar and Japandroids can do the same with punk? I don’t think so and that’s only one reason you should buy this ferocious album.


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