Music News: Fear of Men, Jim James, The Little Ones and the Rockaways


I hope you got a chance to read our new feature Liner Notes yesterday. This week was about Billie Holiday and one of her finest at Carnegie Hall in 1956. It’s something we’re going to be doing every week here at The De Mello Theory as we delve into not only what is current, but what the past of music is. This site doesn’t cater to any specific demographic, except music lovers. We cover bands that we like for the most part. We write about interesting topics and at the time there is some knowledge that I hope we can impart with our various features, columns and reviews. That being said, here is the news:

  • Fear of Men, out of Brighton, UK, released a new single and I quite enjoyed it. Not having a lot of knowledge, other than the occasional passing word or two I had to search the interwebs for tidbits of information. I suggest you do the same, they’re quite interesting. 

  • The Little Ones have released a new single as well for their upcoming sophomore album The Dawn Sang Along. It’s their first album in four years and completely self-financed. Their first album was so highly acclaimed within the blogosphere and NPR that you’d think they would have released sooner, but kudos to them for taking their time to do it right. 


  • Fidlar is streaming their upcoming album here. PS they’re playing Amoeba for free on Friday and Bottom of the Hill later that night. Such a sick band, check them out if get the chance. They and Japandroids may just be able to bring punk back from the dead once again. 
  • Jim James is slowly rolling upcoming tour dates on his site.
  • A new short titled Beach 119 about the after affects of a little street in the Rockaways after Hurricane Sandy is being shown around right now and we have a trailer to show you. Looks heartbreakingly brilliant.


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