Album Review: The Stone Foxes – Small Fires

The De Mello Rating: 4 Stars


There haven’t been enough good old fashioned rock n’ roll bands lately, but The Stone Foxes are out to change that with their upcoming third album Small Fires. This album is no small fire, though, it is a raging inferno that thrusts itself into the consciousness of the listener. Following in the footsteps of bands like The Black Keys, The White Stripes and if you want to go back further T. Rex or even Led Zeppelin.

With no gimmicks just guitars and bluesy rock riffs that are as fat as a blogger in his basement. It seems that there’s an almost backlash to the synthetic music that has been coming out in recent years. There are bands that are reverting back to the days when Joe Cocker would get on a stage and scream with just an organ, a guitar, some drums and maybe a horn section.

I’m a bit of a purist in the realm of music. I have never been a fan of the electronic scene at all. Sure, on occasion, a band may catch my fancy, but for the most part it seems so boring to me. This is the kind of album I soak up like a sponge. The hard hitting guitars, the thump of the drum so deep that you feel in your stomach, the vocals that sound like his voice will give at any moment from the sheer tension put on it. This is the brilliance of rock n’ roll and this album exemplifies that to a tee.

Songs like “Everybody Knows” make you think of that hard drinking, free loving, stay up all night and trash a hotel room type of band that has become legend throughout rock history. Then you realize it’s a take off of Edgar Allan Poe’s story The Telltale Heart and you don’t know what to think. This band has come a long way since their debut and I’m looking forward to seeing where they go in the future. Some of the songs feel longer than they are because there is so much energy packed into each track, but with most songs coming in under four minutes this is the perfect album for the A.D.D. riddled youth of the world. Check out their new video directed by David Dutton.

Small Fires drops February 12th.

Tour Dates:

February 8                                               Los Angeles, CA                                        El Rey Theatre

February 12                                            San Francisco, CA                                   Amoeba Records

February 13                                                Oakland, CA                       The New Parish Music Hall

February 14                                                  Arcata, CA                                                    Jambalaya

February 15                                                 Eugene, OR                                               John Henry’s

February 16                                                Portland, OR                      Winter Blues Music Festival

February 17                                                 Seattle, WA                                             Sunset Tavern

March 2                                                        Fresno, CA                                                     Fulton 55

March 3                                                San Luis Obispo, CA                                           SLO Brew

March 5                                                      Fullerton, CA           The Slidebar Rock-N-Roll Kitchen

March 6                                                     San Diego, CA                                               The Casbah

March 7                                                     Las Vegas, NV                                          Backstage Bar

March 8                                                      Flagstaff, AZ                                        The Green Room

April 2                                                      New York, NY                                       Mercury Lounge

May 4                                                    San Francisco, CA                                           The Fillmore


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