Concert Calendar 1/14 – 1/20

Hey boys and girls, hope this week treats you all how you treat it. This week really kicks off the year here in San Francisco as far as concerts go. Last week Thee Oh Sees played and that’s something, but this week we’re breaking out some heavy hitters and people are about to get back into the swing. We have some exciting things coming at you this week, some new features and some reviews of upcoming albums. Also, we’re chasing down an interview or two so we’ll try to make that happen this week as well. You never know with musicians, while talented and most of the time very nice, they aren’t always punctual and I’m okay with that. It’s all about expectations.

One of the new elements we’re bringing to the blog include expanding our influence. By that I mean we’re not going to be strictly an Indie Rock site anymore, I want to follow the model of a site like Aquarium Drunkard, but with a little more of a bent towards the modern. AD is a fantastic site that has many mid to long form pieces on older artists and a few on newer artists to create a really nice blend. They have built a solid following and a great reputation, deservedly so. I, however, don’t have the dearth of musical knowledge that they have. I like to consider myself a music savant, culturalist and even a student of the history of music, but I still don’t know everything like they seemingly do.

Another site I’m really into right now is Why it Matters, a fantastic site run by James Stafford, a friend and like me a student of musical history. He does some things on his site that I find so utterly appealing that I am actually going to blatantly steal one of them. His features on Woodstock, like this one on the Who, are brilliant (that’s not the idea I’m stealing, more on that in a bit). He goes into a concert we all know and researches the songs, the performance and the band. It’s something so smart and yet so tangible that it’s one of those things writer’s kick themselves for not getting to first. Of course, I probably couldn’t have done such a great job, since I hate research. The thing I’m stealing from Mr. Stafford is his From the Stacks pieces.

Basically, once a week I will take a record from my collection and do a piece on it, its tracks, its significance and the artist. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while and I’m not ashamed to say that I’m borrowing it from James. Thanks James! I’ll also be trying something involving songs and their lyrics. For instance, if you’ve ever listened to the song “Jessie’s Girl” you know it’s about a guy that wants another guy’s girlfriend, but once you really listen to the lyrics it proves that the narrator, if you will, of the song is an asshole. I’ll be taking songs that you think you know and talking about them a little more in depth. It’s part of my mission in life to get people to listen to the lyrics of songs they think they know. Alright, now that I’ve said all of that it’s on to this week’s upcoming shows:


Nothing of significance is going on Monday.


  • Gregg Allman – Palace of Fine Arts (Check out our preview here)
  • Lavay Smith and her Red Hot Skillet Lickers – Le Colonial 


  • Cass McCombs & Jessica Pratt – Great American Music Hall


  • Trampled by Turtles and honeyhoney – Fillmore (Check out our preview here)
  • Lady Gaga – HP Pavilion
  • The Knocks, Gemini Club – Rickshaw Stop (Popscene)


  • Ty Segall, Nick Waterhouse – The Fillmore
  • Fidlar – Amoeba Records (Free Show 6pm)
  • Jefferson Starship – RRazz


  • Yo La Tengo – Amoeba Records (Free 3pm)
  • Aesop Rock – The New Parish (Oakland)
  • The Spazzmatics – Red Devil Lounge


  • Jefferson Starship – RRazz

Am I serious about Jefferson Starship or just trolling you? Watch this video and tell me is this the greatest yacht rock song of all time, the end of Classic Rock or the beginning of ’80’s? Answer after the video. 

Answer: It’s just nonsense.


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