News: Jim James, Fairchild Republic and the Zoo (!!)


So you might be wondering why I didn’t post anything yesterday or maybe you don’t wonder that, maybe you don’t care in which case I think you’re selfish. If you are in the category of being curious and unselfish I decided to play hooky yesterday and attend free zoo day in San Francisco. Every month the zoo and various museums around town do a free day for SF residents. It’s one of my favorite days of the month, every month so I try to take advantage of it. Normally I have enough content that I can pre-write something to keep the site from looking bare for a day, but it’s early in the year and content is slightly sparse right now, but definitely picking up. Here’s the news for today:

  • Tons of music purists would think me ignorant for the statement I’m about to make, but Australia is going through a huge musical comeback. Why, pray tell, would they think me ignorant? Well the assumption on my part is that it ever went away, but it’s been spotty for awhile, aside from To Kill a King, who I love. Now, there’s another band I love, Fairchild Republic and they’re coming out with a new EP called Arcadia due out March 25th. They’ll also be touring in the UK and Europe. Tour dates are available here (Should be updated with new dates soon). Familiarize yourself with their music on their Soundcloud page. 
  • Jim James has his solo debut Regions of Light and Sound of God coming out February 5th and the first two tracks are available for streaming here. Sounds great so far. What do you think kids?
  • The Misfits are, yes those Misfits are coming out with their first live album since the 1980’s called D.E.A.D. Alive! also out February 5th (gonna be a huge day). Their first song is streaming here. Check it out!
  • We have some reviews coming up for The History of Apple Pie, Ocean Carolina and Foxygen very soon so stay tuned.

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