So Much Foxygen!!!


Foxygen, oh how I’ve missed thee. What’s that? You are still unaware of Foxygen…really? They’ve been around since 2005. We’ve covered them here and here. They’re one of the most fascinating bands around and even though many would consider them experimental, there is little experimental about talent and they have it in droves. I loved their EP last year and now I hear they’re releasing a new album on January 22nd titled, We are the 21st Century Ambassadors of Peace and Magic, which is perhaps the greatest album title since Iron and Wine’s Kiss Each Other Clean.

Oh yeah and they’re also going on tour which is your chance to see performance art and great music at its finest, not to mention the very likely possibility that Sam France will be on mescaline and proclaim it very loudly before indulging the audience in more great music. Tour dates are here and they’re coming to play this lovely bum infested city once again, playing the Great American Music Hall with tickets available here. In case you don’t live in San Francisco or even the United States you can go here to see when they’re playing your area.

And to show how much they love our little dirty green city Foxygen has released a Wes Anderson style video for the single off their upcoming album (which we will be reviewing within the next couple of days) “San Francisco”. You’re welcome!


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