Top 5 EPs of 2012: #5 Santah – You’re Still a Lover

So this week as we finish up some end of the year business we’re going to also be rolling out the top 5 EPs of the 2012. I think this is going to be our last list, but you never know.

#5 – Santah – You’re Still a Lover


What do you get when you mix one part Frank Black, one part Gordon Gano and one part Chrissie Hynde? You get Santah, a brilliant space rock type band. It is so fun and reminiscent of those dark ‘80’s bands that weren’t really dark. Like the Violent Femmes and Echo and the Bunnymen. Dark rhythms, deep vocals, but on deeper analysis you know that it’s exactly what they call it, “Blurry eyed dark doo wop rock n’ roll”. It might take a while for their awesomeness to catch on, but they’re already making waves. Check this EP out here, it might just change your life!


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