Top 25 Songs of 2012 – #10 – 6

So we’ve made it to the illustrious top ten. Also, if you are interested in purchasing any of my rock photos or other photos check out my shops on ETSYand REDBUBBLE. You can also follow me on Facebook for updates and on Twitter for moronic musings.

#10 – Keep Your Heart Young – Brandi Carlile

Seeing Brandi Carlile was an eye opening experience to me. I liked her album, loved this song, but hearing it live, the enthusiasm, and the joy with which she sang really made me go back and listen to it again. It has such a great message and is one of the few happy songs on this list. I just love it.

#9 – Winter in my Heart – The Avett Brothers

Perhaps the saddest song the Avett Brothers have ever done. It has such poignancy, such depth of emotion that it is as moving as almost anything they’ve ever done. The lyrical simplicity belies the brilliant imagery offered as the words though simple are perfect for the subject matter.

#8 – Somebody That I Used to Know – Gotye

Yeah it was probably overplayed, sure you probably hate it by now and yes all the parodies probably made it seem a little hokier than it really is. That all may be true, but don’t kid yourself, when this song came out you were all about it. This is one of the ultimate fuck you break-up songs. All at once it’s incredulous and heartbreaking. The lyrics are biting and spiteful. They really show a level of pain that anyone who has been heartbroken has felt. This is an absolutely brilliant song and because of its success there’s a strong chance Gotye goes down as a one-hit wonder, which is a tragedy because that’s a really good album.

#7 – Head I Hold – Electric Guest

This song is ridonkulously good. If this doesn’t make you want to get up and dance you’re either a statue or into classical music. The album is markedly different than what this song puts out there, but it’s still another production masterpiece by Danger Mouse.

#6 – I Will Wait – Mumford and Sons

While I really enjoyed their album I didn’t love it as much as their debut, but there were quite a few songs individually that I absolutely loved and showed that flair of performance that they exhibited in that first album. They’re a terrific band and assuming they stay the course of what they’re doing now and do stray off into Muse territory they’ll be just fine.


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