Top 25 Songs of 2012 – #19 – 15


#19 – Simone Felice – New York Times

When this EP came out this year I lauded it with praise and with good reason, it was great. This song took the cake though and really had a poignancy that showed a deeper side to Felice and is fast making him one of the better song writers out there.

#18 – Green Day – Sweet 16

A song about thinking back to when they just started out, a song about moving on and a song that sounds like something from Dookie off an otherwise mediocre trio of albums.

#17 – Father John Misty – Only Son of the Ladies Man

The living embodiment of Jim Morrison created a fantastic album with this being the linchpin of the album. Being a Dodgers fan doesn’t hurt either. When I saw him at the Independent with his patented aviator sunglasses oozing charisma it was easy to realize how great he was, even with his sideshow act.

#16 – The Avett Brothers – Down with the Shine

This song has been around for a while, but this was the first time it was ever recorded. It’s been a favorite tour song for years and yet is still considered new this year.

#15 – I’m Shakin’ – Jack White

Yeah I know it isn’t his own, but he makes it his own and in classic Jack White style rocks the hell out of it. Little Willie John, Rooney, The Blasters couldn’t do this song as good as Jack did.


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