Best Albums of 2012 – #4 – Alt-J – An Awesome Wave

#4 – Alt-J – An Awesome Wave


I’ve loved this album from the moment I heard until today. It is a brilliant collection of different songs and nothing collectively cohesive. It’s weird that I would like something like this, because I have railed against bands doing this in the past. I think, however, this may be the bridge to a new evolution for me. One where I can accept albums that do not have a concurrent theme throughout and just have a collection of brilliant songs, but they’d have to be as good as this albums was. Here’s what I said about it in September:

This album is weird, it’s ambient, it rocks you out, there’s a hidden track…it’s basically a huge, beautiful, messy clusterfuck and I love it. There are no missteps and even the interlude tracks are so magnificently constructed that it disallows any routine to be fallen into. There are no two songs that sound alike. There is nothing to compare this song to that one in terms of being structurally similar. It is a chaotic mess that for some reason falls neatly into place within the confines of my rigid brain.

I really don’t have much more to say than that. For a debut album this is a brilliant one. I loved it!


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