Best Albums of 2012 – #6 – Sea Wolf – Old World Romance

#6 – Sea Wolf – Old World Romance

Sea Wolf has made the album of his career in Old World Romance and it showed a lot of progress from his previous album with a mix of Coldplay and Radiohead. There are other bands that did this like Imagine Dragons, but the difference is this album doesn’t verge into cliché territory. I think Sea Wolf is an immensely talented individual and if this is his best, then kudos to him, because this is a brilliant album time. Here’s what I wrote about it in September:

Sea Wolf accomplishes something, in that he makes us bring up bands like the aforementioned Radiohead and the Shins. When James Mercer collaborated with Danger Mouse on their side project Broken Bells we witnessed a new wrinkle in their style. Danger Mouse has never been pigeonholed into one genre anyway, but Mercer, as front man for the Shins has been. We all took notice when the seemingly odd couple worked together to create a fantastic album. That same principle can be used with Alex Church.

When Church left Irving, so many years ago, it was a step in the right direction forming Sea Wolf as a project to create the style of music he wanted. Each album has furthered that pursuit, but with this latest album there is a maturity, but also a jaded edge and moreover an insistence. He says it in “Priscilla”, “This is a warning” almost pleading, almost yelling at Priscilla to pay attention to answer the question he so desperately wants answered to save a love that she is determined to fritter away.

The songs on Old World Romance have such magnificent lyrical content that it is blows me away. I am a stickler for great writing along with great music and this album contains both. “Old Friend”, “Priscilla”, and “Changing Seasons” are just a few of the great songs encompassed on this album. I loved that Church wasn’t over the top with the vocals or the music. It wasn’t overproduced and the emotional content is palpable.

So Priscilla this is a warning

Time to tell us, this is a warning

No goodbyes and no time for mourning

Now we’ll see what this love is for


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