RIP Dave Brubeck

As new of Dave Brubeck’s death came out this morning I mourned the fact that jazz has been relegated to something of an afterthought. Jazz revolutionized music and now it is nothing more than old people’s music. Kenny G. and John Tesh that is not representative of what jazz is; jazz is a wondrous expression that took music to places it had never been before. What Mozart, DeBussey and Beethoven were to classical music, Miles Davis, John Coltrane and Dave Brubeck were to jazz.

“Take Five” is a song I’ve heard hundreds of times and yet it never gets old. That steady piano intro with the catchy saxophone hook is so engrossing and familiar that it reminds me of the time I went with an ex-girlfriend to see him play with McCoy Tyner and I can’t remember who else at the Hollywood Bowl. It was amazing and an experience I will never forget. Even though he was 91 when he passed Dave Brubeck’s legacy is ever enduring and will live on as a testament to the beauty of jazz music.



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