Best Albums of the Year #10 – Everest – Ownerless

This year’s top ten albums were hard to choose from as every years are, but not from a there are too many albums to like, but because of the albums I did like they were all very well done. That being said I think I’ve whittled it down to ten that I really thought were great this year and I present them here without interruption. I will write something about each album and give it its own link so that each album has the significance it deserves. So here we go starting at 10 working to number 1.

10. Everest – Ownerless everest-cover-5x7

This was an album that absolutely blew me away when I first heard it in June. At the time I said:

Everest’s album is remarkable. It …makes music that will make your loins dance with pleasure. It makes the hair on your back stand on end. I was at the gym listening to the album, thinking about how to put into words how beautiful this album was and I realized that beauty is a different thing for each person. It isn’t beauty in the way that a Brahm’s melody might be or even with one perfect song like a Brubeck or Morrison. This is an album. People don’t make those anymore. They make individual songs for mass media consumption, but Everest has done something I haven’t seen in a long while. They’ve made, from start to finish, an album that they truly love. Isn’t it time that a band receive their due for doing it the right way?

The answer is yes and yeah they’re receiving a bit more recognition, but not nearly enough. This album was absolutely brilliant. It made me so happy to know that great music could still be made in a way that wasn’t pandering or juvenile. This album made me love music again. When you write about music for a living sometimes you lose your way. Sometimes you let the music run together in your head until you either love everything, loathe everything or just become indifferent to music in general. Sometimes I get the impression that I’ll flame out on music and become some psychotic shut-in that doesn’t even want to hear birds sing.


Then, all of a sudden, you hear a record from an artist that has been under everyone’s radar for years and they’ve finally reached their potential. They’ve done everything you knew they could do, but just hadn’t gotten there yet. This is that album for Everest. Ownerless isn’t the absolute best album of the year, but it’s definitely top ten in my book. “Raking Me Over the Coals” is such a great song, but just going from song to song and not having to pick out a singular one to hold up as the best or the linchpin. This album, as I previously stated is something that should be listened to start to finish. Russ Pollard and Joel Graves have crafted a remarkable album that will be hard to beat in the future, but if anyone can do it, it’s Everest.

Ownerless is available here.


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