A New Direction

So December is a bit of a slow month in regards to music. Most of what is being released is Holiday crap, entirely sold to make money. Now you say all music is made to make money, but not all is driven by mass consumerism as the commercialism of Christmas is. So I took the week off basically to try and figure out what to do for the next month and here’s what I will be doing:

  • Focus on book reviews, interviews and previews. Not just music books, but all kinds of books. I really want to get into authors that are under the radar and talk about alternative publishing houses like Amazon Encore which publishes authors, but allows them to profit greater than a publishing house would. 
  • I will review certain types of liquor.
  • I will be doing end of the year lists. Best songs of the year, Best albums of the year and best albums of 2002.
  • I will be talking more about vinyl, because it is my favorite medium of music. I will talk about albums I’ve purchased and write about them (this might become a regular feature).
  • I will still be going to shows and reviewing them. To that end you should check out my other site DeMelloImages.com. That’s where I put up many of the photographs I take at the shows.

So that’s the gist of the rest of 2012 and if the Mayans are right the rest of our time on Earth. This is still primarily a music site and I still am going to cover music 75% of the time, but I have other interests so they’ll get a forum here as well. I will have a review of Tyler Dilts’ book “A King of Infinite Space” up tomorrow and an interview with him sometime next week. Until then enjoy the soothing sounds of Teddy Pendergrass:


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