Milo Greene Live at the Independent

My, my, Milo Greene. That was quite the performance on Friday night. The Independent was jam-packed full of hipsters, drunkards and douche bags. In other words, the usual Friday night San Francisco crowd. This night there was actually talent to see and it excelled despite the idiocy of the patrons. I had one girl leaning on me when she made out with her boyfriend, which I quickly shrugged off of me. Fun fact: I abhor public displays of affection and even worse abhor public displays of idiocy. And the Indy had both in droves on Friday. If that makes me prudish then so be it.

Milo Greene was amazing. They switched instruments, vocals, danced and really reminded me of what Fleetwood Mac was like in the ‘70’s. I guess they could be described as a modern day Fleetwood Mac. I don’t know if they’ll have that kind of staying power, but on this night they were really good. I think they greatly appeal to women from 25-40. That’s a huge bracket, but their sound has a softness that women really enjoy and even when they rock out the staccato of the drums and the guitar make their sound imminently danceable.

I was a fan, but not a huge one of their album, having listened to it a few times, but like some other bands that make average albums they excel in a live setting. On the album some of the songs sound a bit similar and in that forum it’s difficult to see the true rise of a band. That being said they were stunning live. The sold out crowd at the Independent was there to see Milo Greene, but was pleasantly surprised by Canadian band, Bahamas, who played a really good set.

The problem I had with Bahamas is that something felt off. There was little action, little excitement and a lot of oddities, like the back-up singers in all black as if it were a group from the 1950’s or having back-up singers to begin with. The fact that opening acts feel they have to be subdued, as Blitzen Trapper said they intended to be when they opened for Brandi Carlile is ludicrous. As the opening act you have a duty to present yourself to a group of fans that may otherwise not know who you are. If you outshine the headliner then so be it, but you definitely don’t want to spend your entire career as the opening act.

If you have a chance to get out there and see Milo Greene, do so. They are an extremely talented group of individuals that just happen to inhabit the same stage as one another. It’s sort of like performance art, watching the way they shuttle from one instrument to another and gallivant around the stage. On Friday night, on the last leg of their tour, they showed San Francisco why they are garnering the gigantic buzz they are. They’ve earned this.


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