Delta Spirit Live at the Fillmore

In the midst of a cold night in San Francisco things were heating up inside the Fillmore on Friday night. Delta Spirit took the stage after a great set by Fidlar and steam started coming off the bodies desperate to see a great show. They weren’t disappointed. Delta Spirit, as I’ve said ad nauseam, is one of the greatest live bands around. They get on stage with a ferocity that is rarely seen by bands today.

There are showmen that really try to put on a good show, but where Delta Spirit succeeds, in that regard, is the quality of their music. Equally, they have a fervent fan base that shows up to every show and sings along to every song. I make that statement quite a bit about successful bands, but it’s only to prove that great bands bring people out. Delta Spirit is a great band live, but to me, their records almost serve as a tutorial on learning the lyrics to their songs so you can come out and become one with the band for their live shows.

The energy was at an all-time high as they rolled through songs like: “Tear it Up”, “Bushwick Blues”, “Empty House” and “Money Saves”. However, the song that always gets the best reaction is “People C’Mon” and it’s the one that most feels like a Baptist revival. The crowd jumps up and down, the old Fillmore floor creaks and shakes and the people scream the lyrics as if their demons are being exorcised from their sinful souls.

Lead singer Matthew Vasquez seems like he has demons needed to be exorcised as well as my friend, Alex, put it, “Those guys can’t stand still for a second.” It’s true; they bounce around the stage, never missing a beat, always in tune. Vasquez jumps around the stage, running from one end to the other, screaming, enticing the crowd into action. He’s a master with the guitar and his vocals and he knows it. After a very brief intermission, the band came out for the encore played “California”, a prerequisite song for every show in California, and “Trashcan” a more obscure song, but well regarded nonetheless.

Delta Spirit is a remarkably likable band and extremely talented. Their live show goes off like a resuscitation of the soul and those that attend clearly are in need of being saved by the musical healing of Delta Spirit. It is like being transported into another state of being where one dances wildly, sweats profusely and speaks in the tongues of Matthew Vasquez’s words. I guess it’s best described by Vasquez himself:

If you’re feeling what I’m feeling c’mon

All you soul searching people c’mon


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