Preview: Bleached & Japandroids – Fillmore

If I have anything to say about 2012 it’ll be about how this was one of the best years for female artists in the Indie-Rock genre (subgenre, really). Haim, Dum Dum Girls, Lucius and of course Bleached. In this year Los Angeles has reignited the hotly debated discussion about the best town for music. I still believe San Francisco is the best town in the country in regards to talent and venues, but L.A. is a close second and might even be 1A. Bleached is on the forefront of that scene and all before their first album has been released.

These ladies are part of that group where will look back 10-15 years from now and realize they defined that Silverlake Sound, much in the same way The Flying Burrito Bros., Gram Parsons and the Eagles defined that alt-country California sound that still lingers over the town to this day. The abundance of talent their is astounding and if you’d like to see this amazing band in person they’ll be playing at the Fillmore next Monday, November 12th. They’re opening for Japandroids, who I saw at the Independent earlier this year and they put on an incredibly energetic, chaotic and awesome show.

If you’re not in San Francisco here is the rest of the tour in link form.


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