Preview: Delta Spirit – Fillmore

Seeing Delta Spirit in concert isn’t just a regular show, it’s an experience. People don’t simply attend a Delta Spirit show. No, it’s like Sunday at a Baptist Church in Mississippi where people arrive to see the show and to praise the gods of music for allowing them to be counted in this scene of elation. Delta Spirit show up every night of their tour. They get on stage and from the get go they’re jumping, screaming and the crowd is bouncing like children on a trampoline. It’s a revival and the audience are the parishioners in dire need of being saved. We come with our little sins tucked away and we exalt in the sheer madness of a night that washes those little sins away at the altar of Delta Spirit.

Delta Spirit bring their wandering, beautiful madness to the Fillmore on Friday night. Opening for them are up and comers FIDLAR. A band with so much energy that it practically oozes out of the speakers when listening. They remind me of a Bleach-era Nirvana and that’s saying a lot considering Nirvana defined my 1990’s musical experience. In short, if you’re not at the Fillmore, Friday night, then you have no one to blame but yourself.

If you live in another city that isn’t San Francisco then check out Delta Spirit’s tour schedule to see when they come to your town and be counted among the parishioners.


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