Jack White Vault #14

Jack White is coming through in a big way for his fans. He’s been doing vault packages that you can go to his Third Man Records website and check it out. I’m really excited about this one. There’s the Jack solo angle, but also the vinyl and the rarity of it all. Ah, but you must sign up by October 31st to get the vault package. From the site itself:

The LP for this quarter will be a double album recording of Jack’s live show, and solo debut, at Third Man Records from our 3 Year Anniversary Party on March 8th of this year. LP one takes in the set with the band of all lovely ladies, The Peacocks, backing him up and LP two is the second set featuring The Buzzards…The LPs come housed in amazing packaging which will be a first for us…  Lenticular gatefold cover!…The LPs, of course, will be pressed on split color Black & Blue vinyl.

In case you were wondering here’s the set list for the gig as well:

Set One: The Peacocks

1. Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground

2. Missing Pieces

3. Sixteen Saltines

4. Love Interruption

5. Hotel Yorba

6. Top Yourself

7. Hypocritical Kiss

8. You’re Pretty Good Looking (For a Girl)

9. Blue Blood Blues

10. We Are Going To Be Friends

Set Two: The Buzzards

 1. My Doorbell

2. Freedom at 21

3. I Cut Like A Buffalo/ Don’t Sweat the Technique

4. You Know That I Know

5. Weep Themselves To Sleep

6. Ball & Biscuit

7. Steady As She Goes

8. Seven Nation Army

9. Goodnight Irene

Now get over there and sign up. Here’s a little preview to whet your appetite:


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