Album Review: Efterklang – Piramida

The De Mello Rating: 

Efterklang is Danish for remembrance and that is exactly what the band Efterklang would like you to do with their fourth album, Piramida. Perhaps, it is what they did with the town with which this album is named after. To me having listened to their previous three albums I feel they’ve achieved it. The other albums were good, but in a way that I think Fleet Foxes albums are good; they reach, they’re over the top and there’s just too much going to concentrate on a specific sound.

With Piramida, while certainly not acoustic by any sense of the word, it is more acutely measured in terms of the orchestration, the tonality and the vocals. This is a grandiose achievement of sound and yet it is far less than any of their other albums to date. There is more of an emphasis on percussion and making the vocals, as odd as they might be, the focal point.

Do you remember that point when we realized that Radiohead was a great band? For me it was OK Computer. Pablo Honey was great and The Bends was fantastic, but when OK Computer came out you knew Radiohead took that turn towards greatness. I’m not comparing Efterklang to Radiohead per say, but I am saying that this is their moment. This is the album where it all came together and hopefully they will look back and this album as the benchmark to their future success.

Best Song: Hollow Mountain – It reminds me of Crosby, Stills and Nash’s “Guinevere”. Such great harmonies and shows that a simple melody can be an overachieving gem.


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