Live Review: Jane’s Addiciton & Thenewno2 – Warfield SF

Most came to see Jane’s Addiction and to quote a tired old football quote, “They were who we thought they were.” Energetic, on point, enthralling and just plain amazing. That’s not surprising. What was surprising was the ferocity with which the opening captivated the audience. Thenewno2 (who we wrote about yesterday) surprised an audience expecting to hear some boring opener as they waited for Perry Farrell and Dave Navarro to come out. They got anything, but boring.

Dhani Harrison was a madman on the guitar, thrashing around and even bouncing as if on a pogo stick. The music was loud and all six musicians, minus the drummer played at least two instruments. It was reminiscent of an avant-garde art show with lights, noise and music. The lyrics were a little bit difficult to hear, but it didn’t detract from the wondrous sounds that emitted from each single member.

Harrison was like a conductor on the stage as he weaved his way through complex melodies all while playing keyboard and guitar, sometimes simultaneously which sounds impossible, but accomplished by Harrison with deft aplomb. He wasn’t particularly engaging with the audience, choosing instead, to let the music stand on its own. It’s a difficult task to let the music be the thing that defines you and almost completely unheard of these days. It was actually refreshing to see an artist confident enough in his art that he allowed it to be the thing that is remembered and not antics or nonsensical jibber jabber. Thenewno2 may not have to stay at number two for very long. With nights like last night they may end up being one of the biggest bands on the world.


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