Album Review: Night Moves – Colored Emotions

The De Mello Rating: 

Night Moves debut album, Colored Emotions, has a sort of echoed madness about it that really detracts from how good this album could be. The vocals are a bit muddled and the reverb is cranked up really high. It has a “Crimson and Clover” Tommy James and The Shandels feel about it and I don’t think that’s what they wanted. It’s such a frustrating album to listen to because the music is good, the vocals sound good and the lyrics are fantastic, but the mix is absolutely atrocious.

I’m not being nitpicky as you can see for yourself. This album without the production tricks could actually be a phenomenal album, but with all of those things added on it goes from something that I think could be on par with Blitzen Trapper to something in the mix of averageness. It pales in comparison to the free release of the album the Minneapolis trio sent out last year. It is overproduced and overmixed. This is a band that should heed these words, “Less is more”.

Night Moves have the potential to be a really good band, but they have to get the production and reverb under control. It really detracts from what would otherwise be a magnificent debut album. An album that when put up for year a year or so ago took the Minneapolis Indie music scene by storm. Getting into the studio and letting producers run wild or running wild yourself absolutely tanked this debut album. Hopefully the sophomore album shows some restraint and lets the music be the music.

Best Song: Country Queen – This is the closest to being what they would sound like without as much reverb. It’s still over the top, but at least this is close to what they could be.

Worst Song: Headlights – Reverb heavy and muddled vocals. This might as well be played underwater.

Colored Emotions is available today.


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