Album Review: Undomskulen – Secrecy

The De Mello Rating: 

Listening to Ungdomskulen’s new album, Secrecy, I was struck by how it sounds exactly the opposite of what I thought it would sound like. What you expect out this band from Bergen, Norway is something on the heavier side and there are certainly tracks that trend that way, but nothing like the metal I expected. Perhaps that’s because the name gets lost in translation. When I think of a name like Ungdomskulen I think of a band similar to Ramstein, but when translated the phrasing becomes more in line with what the band stands for “Youth School” or our equivalent to High School.

Secrecy shows the fun side of a band that has been called everything from Goddamnit to Thundersome to Standing Ovation . That being said, this album is not one of their best. The vocals are odd and like the music sort of all over the place. They’re calling it a micro LP, which is to say it only has 10 songs. To me, though, after listening it sounds like the material simply wasn’t there to make an album and it was rushed. Secrecy is simply not up to par of what you expect out of the Norwegian music scene these days. That’s why I would recommend a pass on this record.

Secrecy is available now.

Worst Song: Askefast – This is the most disjointed song of the album and as you can see in the video below it’s just a complete mess.


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