Live Review: Jenny O. and Father John Misty at the Independent

When I arrived at the Independent, Jenny O. had just started her set and was waxing poetically about how she adored San Francisco’s overcast weather as Los Angeles was so hot. She then went on to grab her electric guitar and rock out on her lonesome and it was then I realized what was missing…a band. If you’re unfamiliar with Jenny O. you should really get some of her music because she’s immensely talented. However, this is someone that needs a band.

She is shy on stage and seems fairly introverted and really needs that band camaraderie to break her out of her shell. All that being said she put on a hell of a show opening up for Father John Misty on Wednesday night. She has an amazing voice and with the right team behind her will blossom into a full-fledged star someday, maybe in the vein of someone like Aimee Mann or if she goes a little harder Liz Phair.

After Jenny O. left the stage the crowd waited and waited and waited. A full half hour to forty-five minutes passed until Josh Tillman aka Father John Misty and his merry band of miscreants took the stage. Of course, it was well worth the wait and in between lighting up joints on stage, telling the crowd fuck you instead of thank you (it was said in jest not seriously), and posing like a silent movie queen he rocked the shit out of the crowd. His country rock, Eagles, Gram Parsons, Poco feel goes over well and his sarcastic lyrics play well to the young girls that scream as if he were Elvis on stage. The act is a bit funny and a bit over the top. Some people find it to be tired, but I’m sort of on the fence.

On the one hand I can see how people would think it’s all an act and this is a smart guy doing something akin to performance art. On the other what I think is really the case is that this former drummer of Fleet Foxes really has no idea what to do with himself so he gyrates and moves around like a go-go dancer. Those are just two theories I’ve heard. Jim Morrison, who Tillman is very reminiscent of, was questioned continuously for his gyrations as well, but we now realize that was due to a lot of drugs.

I digress, when Father John Misty got on that stage to that sold out crowd all those feelings of restlessness and resentment they towards him were immediately forgiven when he started with “Hollywood Forever Cemetery” (a killer place to see a movie or a show if you’re ever in L.A.). If you have a chance and you’re in the San Francisco area, check him out on Friday, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth and be glad you went.


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